About Us

Scale, Experience and Local Commitment

MetecnoPIR is Australia’s largest manufacturer of high thermal performance PIR insulated panels. Our industry leading product range includes roof and wall panels, architectural panels and rigid insulation with 3 production facilities in Australia

Operating in over 16 countries globally Metecno is a pioneer in the field of high-performance insulated wall and roof panels, with a philosophy of designing products specifically for the markets in we operate instead of forcing local markets to adapt to one generic international product type

Compliance and Continuous Improvement

MetecnoPIR understand the importance of third-party verification and its’ products are certified by Codemark, in addition to the global standard Factory Mutual (FM). In our own NATA accredited laboratory our team of engineers continuously work on product innovations to benefit Australian construction


As part of the Bondor Metecno group of companies, we have been at the forefront of the Australian panel industry for over 60 years. Our talented and committed team have significant experience in specifying, manufacturing and installing all varieties of insulated panel types to meet project specific requirements from fire, thermal, acoustic or structural. Being an Australian business is important to us, and while we enthusiastically embrace learnings and emerging technologies from around the world, we are proud that our core focus is domestic manufacturing of products suited to Australian conditions and aligned to Australian building standards. Our supply partners most notably Bluescope steel share these same values

Industry Leadership

Bondor Metecno is a foundation member of the Insulated Panel Council of Australia (IPCA) and is also actively and formally involved in a number of industry associations including the Architects Institute of Australia (AIA), Engineers Australia (EA) and Housing Industry Association (HIA). We embrace the opportunity to support these bodies and also contribute meaningfully to education and advocacy in the Standards space. We understand that the privilege of our market position also requires us to take an active leadership role in our industry – this is our underlying purpose