Insulated Board Systems

MetecnoTherm® sets new standards in PIR insulated board systems. It is cost effective insulation solution for integration into many applications in commercial and residential markets where rigid insulation boards are required. PIR (Polyisocyanurate) is a medium density thermoset, high strength foam with excellent thermal, acoustic and fire performance properties.

MetecnoThermFC® and MetecnoThermPB® are durable, insulated ceiling and wall panels, combining MetecnoTherm®, with a facing of either 4.5mm or 6.0mm Fibre Cement (MetecnoThermFC®) for internal ceiling applications, and 10mm or 13mm Plaster Board (MetecnoThermPB®) for internal walls. We have you covered where improved fire performance is required and an inspiring interior finish is desired.

The first choice for PIR insulated board systems

  • Warehouse
  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution Centres
  • Retail


Panel Properties
Panel Thickness (mm)25405060708090100
Typical Mass (kg/m2)
*Declared R-value (m2K/W)1.051.702.152.553.003.403.854.30

MetecnoThermFC® (with 6mm FC)

Panel Properties
Panel Thickness (mm)31465666768696106
Typical Mass (kg/m2) based on 6mm FC10.411.011.411.812.112.512.913.3
*Declared R-value (m2K/W)1.101.702.152.603.003.453.904.30

MetecnoThermPB® (with 10mm PB)

Panel Properties
Panel Thickness (mm)355060708090100110
Typical Mass (kg/m2) based on 10mm PB6.
*Declared R-value (m2K/W) 1.101.752.202.603.053.503.904.35

*The above Declared R-values are for insulation average temperature of 23°C and in accordance with AS/NZS4859.1:2018 & AS/NZ 4859.2:2018. Contact us for other temperature results

Panel Details
(Fire-retardant Polyisocyanurate)
Width (cover mm)1200
Thickness (mm)MetecnoTherm® - 25 to 100 in 5mm increments
MetecnoThermFC® - 29.5 to 104.5 in 5mm increments (with 4.5mm FC)
MetecnoThermFC® - 31 to 106 in 5mm increments (with 6.0mm FC)
MetecnoThermPB® - 35 to 110 in 5mm increments (with 10mm PB)
MetecnoThermPB® - 38 to 113 in 5mm increments (with 13mm PB)
Length2.4m (other length available on request)
FacingsPaper, Foil, White Fibreglass
Product FamilyMetecnoTherm® - Paper, Foil, White Fibreglass
MetecnoThermFC® - 4.5mm, 6.0mm Fibre Cement
MetecnoThermPB® - 10mm, 13mm Plasterboard
Material Group NumbersMetecnoTherm® Foil Facing - C1.10 Group 2, 3, 4* (*must be specified on order)
MetecnoThermFC® - C1.10 Group 1
MetecnoThermPB® - C1.10 Group 1
EnvironmentalZero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)
Fire hazard propertiesAS/NZS 1530.3
Ignitability Index0
Spread of Flame Index 0
Heat Evolved Index 0
Smoke Index 1