Commercial PIR Roofing
with End-Lap Solution

  • Complete Roofing System
  • Fire-retardant polyisocyanurate (PIR) core
  • Factory Mutual Approved
  • Thermal Movement Allowance
  • No Sealant or Butyl Tape
  • Fixed Over Single Purlin
  • Allows Roof Turnup

SecureLap® system was weather tested by CSIRO and is endorsed by BlueScope Steel

MetecnoSpan® Commercial Roofing

MetecnoSpan® PIR is a commercial roofing panel with excellent water carrying capacity suitable for pitches as low as 2 degrees. The PIR (polyisocyanurate) core is sandwiched between two layers of Bluescope Steel. Multiple panel thickness enable larger spans and various thermal options making MetecnoSpan® the ideal solution for projects across the retail, warehouse and commercial markets.

Unlike traditional single skin built up systems which require wire mesh, bulk insulation, spacer battens and finally sheeting, MetecnoSpan® PIR performs all those tasks with just one product. This saves considerable time and money allowing earlier building occupation, which in turn generates revenue sooner for building owners.

SecureLap® End-Lap Solution

SecureLap® end lap sealing system provides a solution to the troublesome “sheet to sheet” end lap while still allowing connection over one purlin. Unlike “sheet to sheet” end lapping, SecureLap® does not rely on sealant, in fact no sealant is required to the connection. The SecureLap® system sandwiches a closed cell sealing strip (which incorporates the fixing plate) between the lapping panels. SecureLap® was recently weather tested to AS/NZ 4046.9-2002 by CSIRO confirming suitability for Australia’s harsh conditions.